2013 Santa Crawl Itinerary

When you are in a groove, stay with it.

We made a few experimental changes last year – and they worked exceptionally well. Basically, we started the Crawl an hour earlier (at 8 PM rather than 9), extended the time frame for each group of bars (from 45 minutes to one hour), formed two starting points (Kildare’s on the east end of town and Cafe 210 on the west), and worked our way toward the middle of town (rather than trying to progress all the way from east to west). I got virtually unanimous feedback saying the approach worked; so we’ll stick with it.

The eastern group will begin at the traditional Kildare’s location at 8 pm. At 9 pm, they will move onto the bar of their choice from the Lion’s Den, Bar Bleu, and/or the Gingerbread Man. At 10 pm, the choices are Rotelli, Adam’s Apple, Brewery, and/or the ShandyGaff. The 11 pm grouping is the Rathskellar, Mad Mex, Darkhorse, the Phyrst, and/or the new addition Local Whiskey (located above the Phyrst). At midnight they are on their own (more coming later for a special midnight suggestion that we have).

The western delegation will start at Cafe 210 at 8 pm. At 9 pm they move on to Indigo. They can then choose between Pickles, Zeno’s and the Allen Street Grill at 10 pm. At 11, they join up with the eastern group at the Skellar, Mad Mex, Darkhorse, the Phyrst, or Local Whiskey. By midnight, all bets are off with this group too and they too are on their own.

Map Legend:

1 – Kildare’s
2 – Lion’s Den
3 – Bar Bleu
4 – Gingerbread Man
5 – Rotelli
6 – Adam’s Apple
7 – ShandyGaff
8 – Brewery
9 – Rathskeller
10 – Darkhorse
11 – Mad Mex
12 – Phyrst/Local Whiskey
13 – Pickles
14 – Zeno’s
15 – Allen Street Grill
16 – Indigao
17 – Cafe 210

Also, while the official start time is 8 pm, there will be other activities earlier. Subscribe to site (see sidebar on the right) or check back here regularly for updates on what else we have in the works.

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