Thanks To All

While the official tally will have to wait for a couple of days, I do know that we raised a record amount of money. To be honest, I declared Saturday my day of rest to recover from Friday night, meaning Read more ›

We did it!

We hit 1000 moments ago (at 1:45 this afternoon). As best I can tell our 1000th Like came from Max Lenowitz. Max, if you are actually on the Crawl tonight, search out SantaLar and I’ll buy you a beer.

Beginner’s Guide

The explosive growth that the Crawl has experienced means that we have scores of new people showing up every year. It’s worth taking a few moments to understand what the Crawl is all about, so here’s my list of ten Read more ›

Where does the money go?

Santa would never be able to create all those Christmas presents without all of his Santa’s helpers, aka the elves. In the communications industry, many a broadcast show would have difficulty making it to air without the assistance of their Read more ›