For those who can’t make our events

There are plenty of other options.

The Santa Crawl is part of worldwide network of Santa related bar crawls, affectionately known as Santacon. If you can’t make our bar crawl, there are literally dozens and dozens of others, not just in the US, but around the world. Check out the lists at or

The original SantaCon event took place in San Francisco in 1994, so it’s going on it’s 23rd year. The original State College Santa Crawl was held in 2004, so we are coming up on our 13th event. The original five of us:

The New York event, which is an order of magnitude bigger than ours (albeit probably not on a percentage of population basis) has had a love hate relationship with the city. At various times there have been attempts to shut it down (see this NY Times Op-Ed piece), while at other times, even the NYC Police Commissioner has come out in support of it.

Here’s the very peaceful Times Square SantaCon kickoff in 2014.

Here in State College, we have been very fortunate through the years to not run afoul of the authorities. The last thing that we want is for this to turn into another State Patty’s Day. To date, we’ve been very successful in keeping things under control. Please help keep our streak going by behaving yourselves while you are out celebrating.

And if you can’t make ours because you’re from out of town, find one near you and consider it a practice run for joining us next year.

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