CDay -1: Cafe 210

Saving the best for last?  Coming from last to first?

I don’t know which describes the Cafe better.

Originally, the Cafe was our final stop on the tour.    We’d travel from Hooter’s on the east end of College Ave up to the Cafe on the West end, culminating our evening by gathering for a group photo of the Crawlers who made it to the end on the Cafe stage.  The picture above was taken at the end of the third Crawl in 2006 – I won’t name the person in the photo who profusely apologize to me the next day for not making it to the Cafe – when I said he did, he refused to believe me until I showed him this photo.

Unfortunately, as the group grew, so did its mobility.   While more and more Crawlers participated, fewer and fewer seemed to make it to the west end bars.   That was ok for the participants, who were simply having too much fun to move, but it really wasn’t fair to the establishments at the western end of the Crawl.  So last year, we juggled things a bit, coming up with the idea of a dual start – one in the east at Kildare’s, and one in the west at the Cafe – with the group merging in the middle around 11 pm.  That worked wonderfully and it’s how we will continue this year.

More details throughout the day on how we plan to kick things off at the Cafe.

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