CDay -12: Adam’s Apple

The Tavern has a special place in the hearts of the Crawl’s founder, for it was there during the holiday season ten years ago that the idea for the Crawl was hatched. At the time, I was in a Santa costume that I was using to crash Christmas parties (I made surprise appearances at Hooters, the Big Easy, and the Hotel State College employee parties – who’s going to throw Santa out of their party particularly when he comes bearing gifts? – $100 can get a lot of stuffed animals at the dollar store – I used to bring a bag stuffed full of them to hand out). My buddy started filling me in on a tale of how his friends in DC would all dress up in costume and would bus around town on a bar tour.

Well we couldn’t afford a bus, but State College has the unique advantage in that the downtown establishments are all within walking distance. The germ of the idea was hatched then and we gathered up a few friends for the first tour the following year. The shot above is the five of us outside the Apple that first year. Each year we recreate that scene. Unfortunately, one of the crew now lives on the west coast, so we have to make do with his head on a stick but it still comes out as memorable for the five of us.


You’ll also notice that the guys, other than me, have really upgraded their outfits. I’m stuck with the same old basic Santa outfit. However, I do plan on doing something a little different this year (not near as elaborate as the others, but different). You’re going to have to catch up with me sometime during the Crawl to find out though – I’m not disclosing beforehand.

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