CDay -3: The Allen Street Grill

The Allen Street Grill has been one of the regular stops on the Santa Crawl since the beginning. The photo above was taken during Santa Crawl III in 2006. It was about then that we started to realize that we had something special on our hands. Up until then, it was just a group of friends out for a crazy evening on the town. But from this point on, the Crawl started expanding beyond our little group.

Horrors – strangers showing up at our little party. But you know what? That wasn’t a problem, it made it even better. So, from 2006 on, the Crawl opened up to everyone, and its growth took off.

40150763062597019There’s another reason for enjoying our stop at the Grill. It’s Bill Filer. Bill’s been doing his one man show for every one of the Santa Crawls – and he’ll be there again Saturday. Christmas and the holidays are a time for tradition and, now that the Phyrst Phamily is no more, there may be no bigger musical tradition in town than Bill Filer at the Allen Street Grill. Bill happily tosses in a couple of Christmas songs for us while we are at the Grille and you can count on him being, at least partially, in a Christmas themed outfit.

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