CDay -5: Pickle’s

Bill Pickle’s is one of four Hotel State College establishments on the Santa Crawl circuit. A special thanks to Mike Desmond of the Hotel State College and Company for his help and suggestions for improving the Santa Crawl. Mike has also joined us on the Crawl in the past (unfortunately, I don’t have any incriminating photos of Mike like I do of Dave Krauth and Ray Rockey). Pickle’s bartenders Mark and Mike warmly greet our Crawlers every year and we look forward to seeing them again this Saturday (Dee – it won’t quite be the same without you there this year).

The Crawl is scheduled to arrive at Pickle’s at 10 pm. Since it’s one of the most popular spots for the Crawl, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll run into a pack of Santas from 10 right on up to closing time. If you’re getting a late start on the evening, it’s as good a place as any to catch up with the rest of the Crawlers.

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