Drinking Beer Is Good For You!

A Penn State Researcher, Shue Huang, has just published a study that shows that drinking beer is healthy for you. Specifically, it helps slow the natural decrease in HDL (good cholesterol) levels as you age which results in a healthier heart. The really good news is that, according to Huang, “drinking beer had a positive effect on HDL levels even among heavy drinkers“.

So come on out and do something healthy on December 10th by joining us in the 13th Annual State College Santa Crawl.

For those that espoused the more traditional route to good health, may I also recommend participating in our second annual “Run Rudolph Run” on the morning of the 10th.

Or if you want to cover all of your bases, remember if you register for both events you receive a $5 discount.

Run Rudolph Finish Line

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