“Ironhead” Happies

East End Crawlers have “The Goon”, now the West Enders get “Ironhead”.

To kick off the Crawl on the West End of town, the longtime voice of Penn State wrestling, and current “Morning Guy” on WRSC Radio, Jeff “Ironhead” Byers will be hosting a pre-Santa Crawl Happy Hour from 6-8 pm at Cafe 210.

Like Goon, Ironhead was a longtime fellow co-worker of Pat Boland here in State College. He and the entire Forever Broadcasting team have also been instrumental in both raising money for the Boland Fund, and helping to publicize the Santa Crawl. So he, like Goon, is a natural to host our West End Happy Hour.

So now we have the football crowd on the east end, and the wrestling crowd on the west end. Can’t wait to see what happens when they meet in the middle of town at 11 pm.

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