It’s Santa Crawl Day

Happy Santa Crawl day. DSCN0701

We kicked the festivities off this morning with a fantastic turnout of 80 or so souls for the first annual “Run Rudolph Run”. We expect explosive growth in this event and wouldn’t be surprised to see its numbers eventually pass the Crawl itself. Thanks to all who turned out.

It looks like Mother Nature is cooperating too. The forecast is for a near record high of 61 with the temperature hovering right around 60 for the entire night. That should provide plenty of flexibility for those who want to be a little daring in their wear.

Just some quick reminders to all.

First of all, we are a charity event and encourage participants to purchase a $20 wristband in order to support our cause, the Pat Boland Memorial Internship Award. Every penny of the $20 will go to the Boland Fund.

You can still purchase wristbands before the official 8 pm start of the Santa Crawl at either the Hotel State College, Bradley’s Steaks, or the Tavern Restaurant.

The official start for the Crawl is 8 pm, at either Kildare’s or Cafe 210. You can purchase wristbands at either of those stops. Should either of those spots fill up, just skip on the next pub on the list – Primanti Bros on the east side of town, or Indigo on the west. Both of those locales will be selling wristbands too.

If you want to participate in our annual photo, be sure that you are at Indigo by 9:45.

If you are looking for a start earlier than 8 pm, try our Happy Hour at the Cafe 210 starting at 6 pm.

If that still isn’t early enough for you, Champs Downtown (in the former Chili’s location) will open their doors for the very first time at 5 pm.
Bradley's Steak Sandwich
Please don’t try to do this on an empty stomach. Eat something before you go out, or grab a special at any of the participating pubs, or take advantage of the $2 discount being offered to Santa Crawlers by Bradley’s Steaks. Bradley’s is open until 3 am, so even if you get post Crawl munchies, we’ve got something for you.

Most importantly, behave yourselves. To the best of my knowledge we have never had a incident with the local authorities (something that is far far different than the infamous State Patty’s Day). We’d like to keep it that way, so stay on your good behavior.

Make some new friends, spread some joy, and have an all-around good safe time.

Thanks to all of you who make this so special a day for us.

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