Out of town for the Crawl. Don’t despair.

SantaCon NYC

The Santa Crawl is part of a worldwide group called SantaCon that conducts Santa themed bar crawls.  This year there are around 100 official SantaCons worldwide, including 37 on December 8th alone.  So while you might not be able to make the Crawl here, there are lots of other options available (New York’s is legendary).

Check out the SantaCon website for more info.

Allow me to toot our horn a little bit.  Many SantaCons, including the legendary New York one, have embrace the idea of leveraging the fun into a charitable event.  We here in State College were on the leading edge of that movement.  Like New York, we have been doing it for five years.   New York, with orders of magnitude more participants than we have, has successfully raised more than $400,000 for NY area charities.   We, in our little corner of the world, have pulled in $50,000 for the Pat Boland Memorial Fund in Penn State’s Bellisario College of Communications.   We are quite proud of that effort.   I’d put our results up against anyone.  

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Back in 2004, SantaLar and four of his friends donned some gay apparel to crash a few holiday celebrations at various drinking establishments in State College. At that time we knew nothing about SantaCon or Santarchy, we just thought this was a fun way to meet chicks. Little did we know that it would grow into State College's largest adult holiday celebration where hundreds of Santas would roam the streets of this little borough. We may not match NYC et al in sheer numbers but as a percentage of population, our little event might top them all.

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