Record Totals!

We absolutely blew through every milestone that I had hoped we would make this season – and kept going.  I never expected numbers like we got.  A big Christmas cheer goes out to all of you who helped make this possible.

I wanted to raise over $7000, so we could say that we topped last year.  We sailed past that.11661389_s

I had hoped that we could raise $8000, so we could reach $15,000 total over the last two years.  We made it with ease.

I thought we had a chance at $10,000, so we could claim to be a five figure contributor to charity.   Not a problem.

I never expected us to make $13,000, which would bring our five year total to $30,000 raised for the Boland Fund.  Somehow we managed to do that.

I couldn’t have dreamt that we’d hit $14,000, which doubled our $7000 raised last year.  But we did.

Our current tally is $15,056.   And that’s without yet adding in the monies from “Run Rudolph Run”, which will add several hundred more.


A very big Thank You to all you Santas who participated.  Pat yourselves on the back – and spread the word.

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