Show me your ghost, Santa

The State College Santa Crawl is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Snapchat SantaCon Story.

Experienced Snapchat users might be aware that Penn State was one of the first four universities to roll out Snapchat’s Campus Story feature. Snapchat Stories are location specific service. If you aren’t in the right location, you can’t post in the story. If you want to post your snap in Penn State’s Campus story you have to be on or near campus.

Snapchat now conducts event specific stories and they are planning to conduct a global Santacon Story on December 10th. The Santa Crawl has been approached by the Snap Team and asked if we’d like to participate, which, of course, we agreed to. You will only be able to post snaps to the SantaCon Story if you are located within the defined perimeter of one of the participating Santacon event.

There are dozens of other Santacon events being conducted on the 10th but I’m confident that State College Crawlers will more than hold their own with our compatriots around the globe. If you not yet a Snapchat user, download the app on your phone and get familiar before the 10th.

Now if I can only find a way to get my hands on a pair of Spectacles before then (the red ones would be perfect). A Spectacles vending machine opened in a pop-up store in Manhattan this morning and I’m giving serious thought to heading up there and standing in line for day to get my hands on a pair before the Crawl.


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