Why wait ’til 8?

Anxious to get an early start on the Crawl? Want to beat the 8 pm rush. We have a solution for you.

Happy Hour

We are pleased to announce that for the fourth consecutive year, Cafe 210 will be hosting a Happy Hour from 6-8 for those who, like me, can’t be bothered to wait until the official starting time

We are also glad to note that our East End host, Primanti Bros, will be doing the same. Head on down there at 6 pm to grab a bite to eat. Nothing can prepare you for a night of excess any better than a full stomach – and Primanti’s famed sandwiches are sure to fill even the biggest Santa belly out there.


The last couple of years we’ve seen a line start to queue up to buy wristbands right around the official start. One way to avoid that is by coming early and enjoying Happy Hour with us (another would be to purchase wristbands in advance – look for an announcement on advance wristband sales tomorrow).

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