Welcome back Champs Downtown

After a one year absence, Champs Downtown will rejoin the Santa Crawl itinerary.

Two years ago, Champs Downtown graced us by specifically opening for the Santa Crawl (on a side note, yours truly, SantaLar, was honored to be the first ever paying customer at Champs Downtown).

Bar Special

I promised them we’d bring in enough traffic to make the opening worthwhile and you guys delivered in spades.

Thank You Champs Downtown

Sadly, Champs was closed for remodeling last summer/fall and wasn’t able to participate in the 2016 Santa Crawl. They reopened in January with a much bigger and better layout (if you haven’t been there since they reopened, you are going to be shocked by what they’ve done with the place).

But the good news is that they are back for this year. In honor of the bigger and better layout, we have bigger and better things planned for the Crawl (more details on that at a later date).

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