Welcome Primanti Bros

Primanti Bros

Next Saturday, Primanti Bros will become the 22nd 24th different establishment to officially participate in the Santa Crawl.  To the best of my recollection, the list below is ordered by the date that each pub was first added to the schedule.  Some on the list have been on the Crawl since the start (Adam’s Apple, Lion’s Den, Shandygaff, Skeller, Grill, Cafe), others participated for only a year (Bar Bleu, Levels), but each of them brings back some fond memories.  Thanks to each for their help in growing the event, and a big welcome to Primanti’s.

  1. Adam’s Apple
  2. Hooters
  3. Lion’s Den
  4. Deli
  5. Gingerbread Man
  6. Tony’s Big Easy
  7. ShandyGaff
  8. Rathskeller
  9. Phyrst
  10. Pickles
  11. Allen Street Grill
  12. Cafe 210
  13. Brewery
  14. Rotelli
  15. Darkhorse
  16. Zeno’s
  17. Indigo
  18. Kildare’s
  19. Local Whiskey
  20. Bar Bleu
  21. Mad Mex
  22. Damon’s
  23. Levels
  24. Primanti Bros

EDIT:  I had a senior moment.  I left Tony’s Big Easy out of our original list, plus I forgot about the Happy Hour that we ran at Damon’s last year.



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