Wondering when the Santa Crawl is this year?

The quick answer is Saturday December 10th, 2016.

In the past, we’ve alternated between Fridays and Saturdays for the Crawl, but we’ve decided it would be less confusing if we simply set a standard date for the Crawl.  So from now on, it will be the Saturday before Penn State’s final exams (so far, that has always been the second Saturday in December).

Saturday seems to fit into most people’s schedules the best plus it pairs up nicely with our sister event, the 5k “Run Rudolph Run” Run/Walk.  The 5K Run/Walk through the streets of State College will again be Saturday morning with the Crawl that evening.  More details on the race will be forthcoming at a later date.

The closing of Kildare’s will obviously mean that there will be a change to our itinerary (at least for those who have traditionally started on the east end of town) but, have no fear, I’ve already made arrangements for a different start (for those of you who start at Cafe 210, don’t worry either, the schedule remains the same there).   Details, along with a Facebook Event Pate, will follow in a few weeks.

Ho Ho Ho – just 85 days to go.


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